Pinterest is widely regarded as the No. 1 spot for inspiration. Whether you are looking for baking tips, life hacks, or just want to build a vision board, Pinterest is the place to start! In addition to inspiration, it can be a great resource for finding tips and tricks on stretching your dollars further. These 5 Pinterest accounts offer incredible ideas on ways to keep your pockets padded with your hard-earned dough.


$5 Dinners
Eating well on a budget seems like an impossibility, but in reality it is totally do-able. For just $5, you can feed yourself delicious food that is both healthy and budget-friendly. 5DollarDinners includes ideas on comfort foods, slow cooker recipes, sweets, and much more. Big flavour, delicious taste, high quality, and dollar conscientiousness!

Thrifty Decor Chick 
For anyone who has ever lived on their own, you understand the high cost generally associated with décor. A 1-bedroom apartment can cost thousands in artwork and other interior items. The ThriftyDecor account empowers you to decorate without a massive budget. Her inspiration posts include furnishing the basement, backyard, living room, and even the bedroom, while keeping the cost low – and the appeal high.

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Saving Money Living Smart
Saving money, living smarter. This simple philosophy is the main focus of this Pinterest account, and it serves its followers well. Homemade gifts are often believed to be cheap and tacky – but not when you put the effort into creating something amazing (but also budget conscious). Save your money and live smarter by following this account.

The Peaceful Mom 
The Peaceful Mom offers her followers tons of tips to save money for families. One of the key tips that she seems to focus her content on is spending quality family time together, without having to spend massive amounts. At the same time, the experiences need to be enjoyable and entertaining. She also has recipes, life hacks, and other neat ideas on keep the cash in the bank account.

Real Simple
If the best things in life are free, then the things that make life easier must be the second best. Real Simple offers creative solutions to everyday problems that eat up both your money and your time. Instead of wasting your dollars, Real Simple provides daily life hacks, new uses for old things, fashion tips, and recipes all designed to make existence easier and happier.

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