speculoos cookie butter

With the help of Cuisinart and President’s Choice, we’re cooking up some delicious things in the Vv Magazine kitchen! Take a look at the first video in our new recipe series. 

Crazy milkshakes are taking over the ‘gram and while you could easily walk to the trendiest restaurant in your ‘hood and grab one, they’re super easy to make at home! Check out our recipe for PC Creamfirst Speculoos Cookie Butter Milkshakes above and get full instructions below:

Chocolate Ganache
What you Need: 

4 oz of PC The Decadent milk chocolate chips
4 oz of dark chocolate
1/2 cup cream
Use a double broiler to melt chocolate. Stir in cream. Once combined, remove from heat and spoon into large PC freezer bag. To cool quickly, flatten ganache mixture and place freezer bag in refrigerator.

Whipped Cream
What you Need: 
1 cup whipping cream
2 Tbsp Sugar (optional)
Vanilla (optional)
Add whipped cream, sugar (optional), and vanilla (optional) to large mixing bowl. Use a whisk or mixer to whip cream until stiff peaks form. Place in refrigerator to set. 

PC Creamfirst Speculoos Cookie Butter Milkshakes 
What you Need:
4 scoops PC Creamfirst Speculoos Cookie Butter ice cream
2 cups milk
Drop PC Creamfirst Speculoos Cookie Butter ice cream into blender. Add milk. Blend until combined. If desired, add more ice cream for extra thickness.

Take two large cups and generously spread ganache along the insides for a swirled effect. Pour in milkshake mixture. Spoon or pipe on whipped topping. Garnish with a straw and PC The Decadent chocolate chunk cookie. Enjoy!

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