Due to a publication ban, the infamous video featuring Rob Ford Smoking Crack was never released until now.

The video that made headlines around the world and pushed Rob Ford onto the world’s stage has finally been released. The video, which depicts then-Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, was initially banned from the public’s view due to a publication ban related to the Sandro Lisi extortion trial.

With the charges officially dropped against Lisi, the publication ban has been lifted and the tape has finally been made available to the public. The video is pretty sad, as it shows an incoherent Rob Ford making lewd marks, and listening to homophobic comments (made off camera) about Justin Trudeau.

While there was initially much interest in the video, it’s interesting that practically all hype surrounding the incident has essentially disappeared. So here it is, it seems that most of what was allegedly described in the video through initial reports from Gawker and the Toronto star are accurate. All you can do now  is take a look at the video and make a judgement for yourself.

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