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When Harry Met Meghan
Juice Factor: 10/10

It was a great day for Reitmans on Monday when the world literally exploded with the news of Prince Harry’s latest love interest, brand spokesperson and actress, Meghan Markle. The pair met in May at a charity function right here in Toronto, where Prince Harry – like any normal dude would do – asked for her number. He then proceeded to blow up her phone by text. Is he just a fuck boy or something more? Apparently, the pair is quite serious. Serious enough that Meghan broke off her relationship with ex-boyfriend and jumped right into a courtship with Royalty. One thing is for sure, whether or not the two end up happily ever after, with Meghan on the lips of every newspaper and online media, the Reitmanaissance is real.

Mariah Can’t Shake Nick
Juice Factor: 6/10

TMZ reported earlier this week that Mariah Carey revealed a detail about her divorce with Nick Canon – bad timing. The superstar singer wanted ever so badly to date and marry and lockdown billionaire James Packer but one thing stood in the way – Mr. Shiny Shoes, Nick Canon. Apparently, Mariah was waiting years for Nick to sign the divorce papers so she could wed her Onassis. One problem? He signed right as she was boarding a yacht with Packer in the Mediterranean – where the couple later broke up! Oh dear. Apparently, Packer had an “incident” with Mariah’s assistant. So that’s it. She had two men, and then there were none.

Nick, Mariah and their twins out for Halloween (Image: Instagram/@MariahCarey)
Nick, Mariah and their twins out for Halloween (Image: Instagram/@MariahCarey)

Blind Item: Toronto Beau Tricks More Than He Treats
Juice Factor: 6/10

While it’s no secret to this Toronto power couple’s inner circle that infidelity exists, the leading lady of the duo was tricked more than she was treated this Halloween. Our sources say that the couple has been trying to work things out and as of late, have been on good terms. Which is why it’s surprising they decided to spend the spookiest night of the year apart, attending two different high-profile parties with friends. Unfortunately for said leading lady, her beau had a couple of tricks up his costume, or should we say, someone else’s costume. He was seen getting flirty with a guest at the party – swapping costumes and later, spit… Now that’s the kind of stuff Halloween nightmares are made of.

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Theroux vs. Pitt
Juice Factor: 7/10

Jennifer Aniston’s hubby, Justin Theroux, posted an Instagram picture that allegedly threw shade at Brad Pitt. Now, remember, Brad and Jen were an item back in the day so this is no mere coincidence. On October 29th, Theroux posted a pic done by graffiti artist Nick Flatt that says F-this and F-that, and also, F-Brad Pitt. Of course, the Internet went wild, starting a make belief battle between the two leading men. Justin’s reply to all this tomfoolery? He wrote later that he is not ‘shading’ at anyone – he is not eleven years old. Like, get it together people!

The apparant "shade" (Image: Instagram/@JustinTheroux)
The apparant “shade” (Image: Instagram/@JustinTheroux)

Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, and Drake
Juice Factor: 9/10

Props to T-Swift for always having the hottest guys at her fingertips. That is the true definition of girl power. She got Ryan Reynolds to give her an inside access to a Deadpool costume (we think it’s probably one of the costumes he actually wore on set), for Halloween. She shouted out to the Canadian actor and his wife, Blake Lively, even commented #HusbandUpgrade on one of Taylor’s IG posts. Earlier this week, Taylor was also getting super flirty with Drake at his birthday bash where sources say, Drake introduced her to his mom. AWWWWWWW. But we know Taylor is always up for a publicity stunt. It’s reported that the two are just making music together, not babies. Not yet….

Kim Kardashian Comes Back – and later deletes post.
Juice Factor: 10/10

While the Internet waits for any life signs from the mega-star, it appears that she is not ready to come back into our open arms. Kim, who has been on hiatus since being held at gunpoint in Paris a month ago, recently posted 3 pictures on social media. As quickly as she broke her social media silence on Halloween, the next day she deleted everything. It is evident that the star is not ready to go back to her old life just yet. Sources say she is still extremely shaken, even though she’s been spotted out and about in Los Angeles this week, she is still experiencing night terrors and anxiety. We feel for you, Kim!

Delete, delete, delete! (Image: Facebook/Kim Kardashian)
Delete, delete, delete! (Image: Facebook/Kim Kardashian)

Blind Item: Top Guy Leaves, Everything Falls Apart
Juice Factor: 7/10

A major Canadian publication was left high and dry after one of their leading employees left… To go on a romantic tour of the world with bae. Apparently, the office has been an utter mess since the employee quit, resulting in low sales, pay cuts, employee cuts and a major shift in the publication’s quality. Our suggestion? Let the guy live his life of leisure and then get him back, ASAP (before someone else tries to scoop him up).

Tyga Out of Debt
Juice Factor: 8/10

So last week we reported that Tyga wasn’t doing too well when appearing in front of a judge to discuss the $200K jewelry debt he still owed. His creditors are after him, and all he’s doing is spending more money trying to keep his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, happy. (She can certainly buy all this stuff for herself, anyway). So, the news is now that by November 17, Tyga will have paid back his entire debt. Making room for new purchases? We wonder if the Kardashian clan will somehow be footing the bill regardless. Isn’t it embarrassing when your girlfriend’s family has to bail you out of debt just so you can continue buying her presents? Talk about princess diaries!

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