Spring is a time for renewal. (Cliched, I know, but tis true.) So it should come as no surprise that restaurants the city-wide are refreshing their menus to harken in Spring and change as notably as the seasons do. One such restaurant, Fishbar on Ossington, has amped up their sustainable offerings as part of not only a renewal, but a celebration of two years of spearheading sustainability.

Last week, we were privy to an advance tasting of their Spring/Summer menu. Riddled with vibrancy (wait til you see the Wild Pacific Salmon sashimi in the vlog), intricacy (the Lobster Salad, hello!), and delicacy (lobster + Rowe Farms Petite Tender = deluxe deliciousness), Fishbar’s latest menu offerings present an evolution in flavour that would please Darwin himself.

The night was an intimate gathering of media and foodie personalities. Seated center-restaurant, we witnessed a barrage of dishes with tastes exotic and quixotic. Paired with luxe wines from Terroir Wine Imports – La Deveze Cotes de Rhone and Deu La Deu Alvarinho Vinho Verde – the dinner showcased a level of seafood tapas sophistication oft missed in this city of comfort foods reprised.

Owners William Tavares and Renata Andreazza are the type of restaurateurs that are never content to rest on their laurels. This is evidenced in everything from their ever-changing menu offerings, to their hip new happy hours (Friday through Sunday from 3:30pm to 5pm), to their Whatever Wednesdays where they trade in corkage fees for donations to the Ocean Wise Program. (Of which they’re a proud and longstanding partner.) And of course, their new Chef Miro Lelas is a welcome addition to the team to help them execute their vision of being the top sustainable seafood restaurant in Toronto. A distinction some of us would already toss on their label…

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Instead of blathering on and extolling the virtues of Fishbar, I’ll let ya watch the vlog and witness their commitment to intriguing dishes for yourself. Video doesn’t lie, right?