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Melania Trump Threatens to Sue Over YouTube Video
Juice Factor: 8/10

Not that we care but apparently Rosie O’Donnell is making news again and this time it’s because she’s throwing glasses from inside her glass house. A subject of bullying, you’d think Rosie would keep her damn mouth shut? Well, nope. She has actually diagnosed Barron Trump (that’s Trump 1000th offspring) with autism. And what’s worse? Someone else posted a YouTube video confirming the symptoms. Melania has swooped down from her castle to snatch that garbage pseudo-medical diagnosis with a fist full of dollars. She has threatened to sue because Barron does not have autism. Result? The video got taken down. And Rosie has shut her mouth, once more.

Keeping Up, No More.
Juice Factor: 10/10

With Kanye in the loonie bin and Kim counting her loonies since the robbery, it is official, Keeping Up With the Kardashians has stopped all production, until further notice. Kim is rethinking everything about her life, her ass, her children. Unfortunately, butt implants are not reversible so if she plans on going incognito we’re not sure how that’s going to work with a world-famous booty. Kanye, on the other hand, is still refusing to take weed handouts from Wiz Khalifa. The good news? The film crews were able to amass enough footage to be within the contracted minimum so we will get to see some stuff, but no holiday special for us. Damn.

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Image: E! Online

Blind Item: Influencer Agency Making Moves in Toronto
Juice Factor: 9/10

A little bird told us that there’s a new cat in town making all the right moves in Toronto’s newly coined Influencer marketplace. Remember when these people were doing stuff for free? Well, not anymore. Word on the street is that a new influencer agency basically launched in the middle of the night by two so-called influencers with already having signed some of the industry’s top talents… A bold move, indeed. We’d love to see how successful this agency will really be – but word on the street is, some of their talents have tripled their profits since signing.

Bachelor in Paradise Split
Juice Factor: 7/10

The darling couple, Lace Morris and Grant Kemp, have announced their split after their engagement on the finale of season 3. Morris tells US weekly: “It really was mutual. We both have our issues we need to work on, and we can’t really give each other what we need at this time.” Perhaps the issues they are working on is getting over their respective exes from previous Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons? Or maybe one of them got a deal to become the next Bachelor or Bachelorette. What? Isn’t that how it goes?

No longer will Grant feed Lace hair growth pills (Image: Instagram/@lacemorris3)

Sherri Papini Hoax
Juice Factor: 8/10

When wife and mother, Sherri Papini, went missing on November 2nd, her family’s life got turned upside down. There were times when her husband, Keith Papini, thought for sure she was dead. Well, on Thanksgiving, her body turned up on the side of the road and guess what? She’s alive! But not well. Keith revealed that she weighs 87 pounds, has a broken nose, no hair and scabs all over her body. But the real juice is that the people of the Internet, the savages if you will, are claiming this whole kidnapping was just a hoax to start a race war. Why? Well, Sherri told the police her abductors were two Hispanic women.

Prince William, Stay Outta My Bro’s Biz Ok?
Juice Factor: 6/10

We don’t really care that much about the Royals but we do whenever Prince William comes into play. The 2nd in line for the throne, Prince William, has spoken. What did he say? Well, not much. He just wants to officially confirm that he officially supports Prince Harry’s command to the world and he has decreed no one shalt say anything more about Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle. The Crown has spoken! And we will STFU now.

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