Image: Instagram/@caradelevingne
Image: Instagram/@caradelevingne
Image: Instagram/@caradelevingne

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Blind item: The Toronto couple having the wedding of the year
Juice factor: 9/10

Wouldn’t it be nice if attending the half dozen weddings every Torontonian seems to get invited to in the summer at least meant scoring an invite to the one big-bash “I do” ceremony everyone will be talking about until it gets outdone? Fortunately for us, we’ve already got an invite to what will no doubt be Summer 2015’s talk-of-the-town nuptials. The two grooms-to-be have been planning the lavish party for their closest friends, frenemies, and celeb acquaintances for quite some time, but they’ve managed to keep their plans fairly under-the-radar — no doubt anticipating the wrath of slighted/entitled socialites. Also, even though most marriages don’t last, the memory of a perfectly executed exclusive party really is forever. Given that money really is no object for the couple who likes to party hard on the regular, the notoriously slow month of August is going to get off to a wild start—that is, if you got your invite… or are at least someone else’s plus one. Word is a Canadian icon is on the guest list, and we can’t imagine she won’t lend her pipes for the couple’s first dance.

Cara Delevingne loses her shit on Good Day Sacramento
Juice factor: awesome

…and it’s worth every second of secondhand discomfort…

Toronto likes big butts and we cannot lie
Juice factor: 9/10

Sure, we’ve yet to put out our own version of the Real Housewives — a point of pride for many Torontonians who think that somehow makes us a class act compared to shamelessly flashy Vancouver where the nouveau-riche rule the roost and getting blackout drunk for the camera is fine as long as it’s Veuve. Oh Toronto, doing it behind closed doors doesn’t make it any better. That’s why we’re not surprised in the slightest to find out that one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in our notoriously beige-on-beige town is the Brazilian butt lift. Two of Toronto’s busiest clinics are seeing a huge spike in the number of women opting for more junk in the trunk instead of upping their cup size, and an insider told us quite a few media faces have taken their derrière in for consultations. Now that fat grafting has made the procedure safer and more natural-looking with the added bonus of cutting off fat where you don’t want it, it’s easier to pretend that Fresh juice cleanse really did the trick.

Kanye Drake
Instagram: @Champagnepapi

Spotted: Kanye & Drake partying at Lost & Found
Juice Factor: 9/10

It’s no secret that Kanye has caused turmoil in Toronto with him being chosen to perform at the closing ceremonies of the Pan Am Games and then throwing his mic into the audience due to technical difficulties (why, oh why Toronto?). But while he was huffing and puffing off the stage, hours later he was all smiles partying at Lost & Found with none other than our own Drizzy. His spirit stayed high the next day when he surprised some lucky people in a Queen West store by paying for all their purchases. Who says the kid has no heart?

Blind item: The Toronto socialite baby-boom is upon us. Who’s next?
Juice factor: 9/10

You might not have heard the whispers of who’s expecting, but get ready for an autumn 2015 full of announcements. While the media scene boasts a ton of women who opt not to have kids, one particular social butterfly is definitely going to start the baby train trend in her circle. Although she’s keeping her news on the down-low, one of her single girlfriends has started casually asking platonic male friends if they’d be interested in fathering a child with her. Oh, that damn biological clock can be such a drag…

Justin Bieber’s butt is the butt of some awesome jokes…
Juice factor: …like two peaches wrapped in a napkin

We’d round them all up, but — really — Justin’s Instagram apology for his deleted #belfie (as reported by Daily Mail Online), is the funniest thing we’ve read all day: “Hey, I Deleted the photo of my butt on Instagram not because I thought it was bad but someone close to me’s daughter follows me and she was embarrassed that she saw my butt.”

Scene & Heard
Image: Instagram/@justinbieber via The Daily Mail Online

Blind item: Disgraced editor-in-chief moves on
Juice factor: 10/10

He’s held this position for about as long as he’s been out of university, and some say he’s never really been qualified for the gig, especially as the brand grew and grew and grew. While he’s got a rep for being pompous, and is by and large hated by most of his underlings who are relatively the same age as him, he finally effed up so bad even he couldn’t find a way to blame it on someone else. It’s hard to pass blame when you’re in court and there’s a tape of you doing what you’ve been accused of having done. Yikes. Does that explain the spontaneous job move down the ladder (to a local publication) more clearly?

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