markle quits
markle quits
Meghan Markle (Image: Facebook/Meghan Markle Fan Page)

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Meghan Markle to Quit Suits and Blogging, for love.
Juice Factor: 9/10

Quelle surprise. Meghan Markle, who is known in the industry as a lover of press, has actually decided to be more private. An insider told People that the Suits star is doing everything she can to make her relationship with Prince Harry work. If it means putting Suits, her career and her blog, The Tig, on hold, then she will do it. Her friend said she’s head over heels in love. In love with Prince Harry or the fairytale of being married into the Royal family? We can’t knock her Cinderella dream – it’s oldest one in the books! But, we do caution her that she shouldn’t have to change who she is, or the things that she’s worked really hard to get, just to be with a guy – even if he is 4th in line to the throne.

What’s Happening with Kourtney and Scott?
Juice Factor: 8/10

Well, the lesser of the Kardashian daily drama, Kourtney and Scott took a vacation together to Cabo with their kids. So, does that mean the couple is back together in a shocking turn of events? Highly unlikely. Even though the pair have 3 kids together and a long history (as documented through the numerous seasons of KUWTK) an inside source says that Scott wants Kourt back, but she is so done with him. She’s not only over Scott, but she’s also dating other men. So what about Cabo? That was just for them to spend family time together. Or something like that. What happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo…


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Blind Item: Newspaper Travel Writer Blacklisted for Indecent Behaviour
Juice Factor: 10/10

One of Canada’s biggest newspapers houses a big dirty secret and it’s about to erupt, as more and more people play witness to the inappropriate behavior of one of their writers. It is alleged that one blacklisted writer, who still manages to sneak onto press trips, spends most of his time on these press trips on Grindr. The writer, who has definitely been around, disappears halfway during the trip to meet up with young, possibly underage, boys while the rest of the journalists have to sit through meetings, meals, and events. Somebody is gonna tattletale sooner or later!

Dec 18: Hourlong Baby Special to Appear on E!
Juice Factor: 8/10

Like, we cannot get enough of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s sweet daughter, Dream Renee Kardashian. The pretty baby was born on November 10th and has since been featured on both her proud parents’ Instagram feeds. It was even reported that Rob got so emotional when he saw his daughter that he started to cry!!!! How adorable is that? Well, here’s the best news: you can watch the entire delivery on E! on December 18th. Even though the season finale already aired, the couple decided to let the cameras into their delivery room to film a very special baby special. Gotta milk it for what it’s worth, amiright?

BLIND ITEM: Tech Entrepreneur Mixes Business with Pleasure
Juice Factor: 10/10

Another day, another break-up. This one hits a little closer to home. Our sources tell us that a local tech couple have been working hard to promote an app they’ve developed, hiring a boutique agency to help them. Normal business stuff, right? Well, apparently, an employee at the agency has been working closely – some most would say, too closely – with the beau of the duo, mixing business with pleasure. Said couple is allegedly on the fritz and we’re certainly not surprised. We’d be pissed too if we found out we were paying big bucks for someone else to sleep with our husband.

Bella and Weeknd, No longer
Juice Factor: 6/10

Ok, you’ve probably already heard that the top model, Bella Hadid and her Toronto boy-toy are no longer. The couple dated for 18 months and were such an item, until last week. Like we said, another day, another breakup. But don’t worry, Bella is only 20 years old!! There are plenty more fish in the sea. She’s been flaunting her hot body around town since. She’s so over him. Even though he will be performing at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, where she will be modeling. Ah, stay tuned for that. Wonder who she will catch next… Drake?

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Kim Kardashian to Break Silence
Juice Factor: 9/10

Okay, okay, enough about the Kardashians already but like, they are just so fascinating! Huffington Post reported that Kim is expected to break her long silence soon, and it’s not going to be a television interview. Apparently, a source at ET told Huff Post that the reality TV star does not want to profit from the horrible robbery – which some are speculating was staged to give Kimmy time for a butt reduction – that has literally silenced her for over a month when she makes her comeback to social media. Kim has been silent since early October. Which, is like a lifetime for her (and us)! So, instead of monetizing, Kim has suggested doing a written interview for a magazine. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t going to pay her for the story!!!! Duh, people. Let’s be real. Which magazine do you think called dibs?

BLIND ITEM: Is this PR Pro Standing on their Last Leg?
Juice Factor: 7/10

One PR professional – if we can call them that – has been struggling to hold onto clients since they entered the arena. And it’s easy to see why. Said PR “pro” is aggressive, to say the least, harassing media for coverage and using sad-sack tactics to retain clientele. But it’s not just this individual’s behavior that’s off-putting – prices are outrageous (we’re talking 5-figures per campaign) and the ROI? Non-existent.

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