toronto women's fashion week
Evan Biddell says hello to the audience (Image: Shayne Gray)

Guess who’s back? Back again?

The Vv Scenesters are back for a very special edition of Scene & Heard, this one following the chronicles of the inaugural Toronto Women’s Fashion Week. You better believe we saw the same ol’ shenanigans; front row frauds, lack lustre and awe-inspiring runway shows.

Take a gander at some of the juiciest moments:

Designer transforms 81-pounds of Value Village finds into magic
Juice Factor: 7/10

With Earth Month just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking sustainability and that’s exactly what one designer did with his runway show. Evan Biddell (of Project Runway Canada fame) dedicated his show to Mama Earth by creating his TWFW collection completely out of Value Village finds in collaboration with Eco Fashion Week. The show opened with Stacey McKenzie and was heavy on leather, ruffles and fringe. While that’s not typically a style trifecta we’d stand behind, Biddell made it work with a little retro flare.

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90s heartthrob goes unnoticed in the crowd
Juice Factor: 8/10

It’s not every day you get to see your teen crush, which is why we thought Toronto would be a little more excited to see 90201 alum Jason Priestly sitting front row at TW. We’re not sure whether to be happy his personal bubble wasn’t popped or sad that we didn’t see a single person approach him, even after Jeff Rustia announced he was in the crowd. Regardless, it is pretty cool they chose TW to film for the star’s latest show, Private Eyes, though we did hear some moan and groans from an antsy audience when they filmed not one but two takes.

toronto women's fashion week
Jason Priestly at TWFW (Image: Brian De Rivera Simon)

Blogger brigade does anything for front row
Juice Factor: 6/10

There’s no denying, front row trumps all rows (unless you’re at the movie theatre). Of course, spots at Toronto Fashion Week are limited, restricted to Toronto’s fashion elite but that doesn’t stop Toronto’s B-list from snagging a spot, even when the name card doesn’t spell out theirs. One influencer was spotted sitting front row with shifty eyes, anxiously ripping the name card off of “his” front row seat like a dirty band-aid, only to replace it with his actual name card so he could sit with his blogger brigade. Fake it ’til you make it, right?

Body diversity meets TWFW
Juice Factor: 8/10

Can we get a hell yeah? All bodies were bangin’ bodies on Lesley Hampton’s runway. The womenswear designer premiered her collection, The Golden Hour, last weekend and chose to feature models of all different shapes and sizes, setting the pace for designers to come. Inspired by the First Nation belief that dreaming is a way to connect with the inner self and provide personal guidance, Hampton teamed up with Be Body Aware to promote self-confidence and body empowerment, showing that garments can give said confidence. And confident the models did look in their sequinned mesh, Marni scuba knit, and embroidered lace.

toronto women's fashion week
Struttin’ it at Leslie Hampton (Image: Che Rosales)

Hendrixroe gets a standing O
Juice Factor: 9/10

Making waves on Toronto’s fashion scene is Jordan Erin McKay, designer of Hendrixroe. The designer debuted her first-ever womenswear collection at the inaugural TW and blew the crowd out of the water. Opening with an artistic video with a theme of girl power, the designer sent models down the runway in metallic leathers, reimagined tweed, and rock n’ roll attire to the tune of 90s R&B. We can’t talk enough about the energy in the room that evening. Ending with a bang, McKay sent three young dancers (who have been featured on The Ellen Show) to do their best Queen Bey in pink “Property of No One” moto jackets.

toronto women's fashion week
Little ladies workin’ it at Hendrixroe (Image: Shayne Gray)

Influencers walk out
Juice Factor: 6/10

We get it. Front row is the best row. But is second row really so bad that you’ve G2G? That’s what a couple influencers’ actions said when they walked out of the runway room, minutes before models were to take stage. Our source tells us that they spotted two particular influencers lingering on the runway of a very prominent TW show, waiting to snag a spot up front. However, when they were asked to take their seat in second row, which was graciously offered to them after it was clear they had no spot at the show at all, they said no and quickly made their exit. We get that you’re trying to prove a point but who are you? Anna Wintour?

It’s going gown, gown, gown, gown, gown
Juice Factor: 6/10

Evening wear was a theme at the inaugural TW and it was not disappointing. Over the weekend, Toronto’s fashion forces saw a slew of awe-inspiring gowns by the likes of Mikael D, Stephan Caras, Lesley Hampton, and Di Carlo Couture. The country’s got talent, that’s for sure. But we are wondering… Who’s buying these gowns and where are they wearing them? Can we come?

toronto women's fashion week
A stunning gown by Mikael D (Image: Shayne Gray)

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