With the Boobyball this past month and Movember around the corner, cancer should be relevant in many Torontonian’s minds. It’s an unfortunate fact that at some point most of us have to deal with the disease. Whether it is a loved one or ourselves, 2 out of 5 Canadians will get it over the span of their lifetime. For most, the course of action following diagnosis involves a series of lengthy, painful treatments in oncology clinics and hospitals. While scientifically proven, the side-effects of these methods often leave patients in conditions more unpleasant than the cancer itself. What if there was an alternative?

This was the train of thought that Soul 7 founder Bob Berman followed when his wife of 38 years, Jayne, developed breast cancer. Frustrated with more conventional North American methods of treatment, he began to look to alternative healing sources. A practicing divorce lawyer with a thriving firm, Bob soon began to educate himself on the benefits of and how to perform hypnosis and energy healing. This ignited a passion within him that carries on to this day.


The personification of that passion is Soul 7 Healing Centre. “I became certified in crystal healing and hypnosis. I was drawn to European alternative cancer therapies that I thought might have worked for Jayne. I realized that my mission was to help others to heal. I wanted to open people up to the idea that there is healing energy within each and every one of us. I decided to use the European healing technologies that I had discovered, in order to help people become aware of and access their body’s innate healing wisdom. This led me to the opening of Soul 7, a healing centre that combines ancient healing wisdom with state-of-the- art alternative healing technologies.”

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Bob has taken this combination of ancient healing techniques and state-of-the-art modern technologies to offer patients a variety of therapies to treat cancer and more. Soul 7’s breakthrough energy-balancing therapies boost the immune system and enhance overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. They deliver powerful and fast relief for chronic anxiety, memory-loss. and pain (including back pain, headaches, and fibromyalgia) — without pills or surgery. Their technologies also accelerate recovery from acute sport and other injuries, often in one or two sessions.

Each therapy is broken down into two parts: Light and Sound, Guided Imagery, and PEMF Therapy. Following this, you will experience Neuro-Muscular Vibration. I had the opportunity to tour the amazingly zen Soul 7 facility and chat with Bob about what led him to found such a revolutionary alternative therapy centre. Of note, he mentioned that, “Many of these technologies come from places like Austria and are regularly used in large, advanced countries like Germany and Japan.” It appears that North America has some catching to do.


I sat down for a 25-minute session in the Neuro Muscular Vibration Therapy chair. Essentially, it involved laying down in what can only be described as a Laz-E-Boy meets dentist’s chair. At this point, vibrations are passed through the chair that gently hum throughout your body, calming literally every muscle. Overhead, Brazilian clear cut quartz crystals flash healing energy light while soothing music lulls you into an almost meditative state. I received the anti-anxiety treatment, which I can say was enormously effective. Following my session, I felt more relaxed and restored than I have even after a touch massage. The whole experience is catalyzed with a glass of Schuman Resonance Bio-Energetic Water. The liquid is modulated to the heartbeat of the Earth (otherwise known as the Schuman Resonance) and promotes healing and pain management.

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing therapies at Soul 7, you can visit them at 17 Yorkville Avenue or at there website here.

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