Like most great entrepreneurs, Mitch Parker started his own business simply because he couldn’t find anything out there that suited what he was looking for. After getting fed up with paying annual fees without seeing any great returns on his own investments, he founded MP Private Capital, a company that aligns investors with different real estate backed investment opportunities. We caught up with Parker to find out where he likes to spend his down time in our great city of Toronto.

Mitch Parker

Give us a snippet about you. What should people know?
Since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for business and entrepreneurship. My dad always owned different businesses so I joke with people that I grew up in an office packing boxes and creating spreadsheets. I went to school for business with a specialization in finance but wasn’t convinced it was the best method to create wealth and build a solid retirement fund. After successfully investing in real estate for six years, I founded my current company, MP Private Capital, which helps educate and align investors with different investments that are all tied to real estate. Our company enables investors to earn better returns much more safely and consistently than they could in most mutual funds or stocks.

Finish this sentence: I love Toronto because…
…there’s always something happening no matter what you’re in the mood for. The food in this city is amazing and there’s always new spots popping up every day. From a business standpoint, Toronto is a city of opportunity. It’s where you can work hard, become successful and make a name for yourself.

What are three things you simply cannot live without?
My iPhone, laptop, and I have to go with my hair products to always keep the “flow” looking good.

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What’s your favourite restaurant and why?
Corner House located at Davenport and Madison. The food and atmosphere is fantastic, the service is always spot on, and they have a cozy patio which makes for a great evening whether it’s for business or casual dining.

What’s your favourite drink/cocktail and where do you go to get it?
This is a tough one. I have to go with the white Sangria from O&B. They add a few slices of cucumber to it, which makes it perfect on a summer day. I’m a huge fan of hot weather, so anything that can be enjoyed on a patio is probably going to be a hit with me.

What’s the best piece of business advice you ever received?
Treat every client the same way you would want to be treated if roles were reversed and the amount you receive is in direct proportion to what you give to others. I guess this ties into the “life advice” category as well. Also, my dad always told me not to do anything half-hearted. If there’s something worth doing, it’s worth giving 100% effort.

Life advice?
Don’t ever take life too seriously. You can be extremely successful and accomplish all your goals while having fun and enjoying the ride along the way.

Who’s your favourite designer/brand and why do you sport their fashions?
I’m not really a one brand guy. I like to mix things up using different designers to create a great outfit. Whether it’s H&M or Tiger of Sweden, it has to fit well and work with your style. All my friends tell me my signature outfit is a nice pair of denim jeans with loafers or dress shoes, a V-neck T-shirt, and a blazer.

Let’s get social for a mo’. How can people stay up-to-date with all your city-trotting?
To keep up to date with my company, you can visit our website, Facebook or Twitter. Outside of work, my personal website and Twitter.