The hot, blazing sun and the sweltering humidity certainly did not deter the crowds from attending TO Food Fest at the Chinese Cultural Centre on Sunday, and with good reason. Back for a second year, this unique multicultural food market featured over 40 food and drink vendors, all the while celebrating cultural diversity and well, just plain good eats. Bringing together delicious international cuisine made by established and aspiring chefs in the local Markham and Scarborough community, food lovers from the ‘burbs had an opportunity to explore and enjoy a fun and unique multicultural food experience without the trek to downtown.



The culinary festival showcased both traditional and creative modern takes on a variety of international cuisine and street-food. Even though I would have loved to try one of everything, my one stomach really puts a limit to that thought. (I am always saddened by this… Why can’t I have four stomachs like a cow?)

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Thankfully, I did manage to indulge in quite a few mouth-watering treats including Babi & Co.’s fried bun made complete with a thick slab of juicy braised pork belly, How ‘Bout Those Meatballs’ generous and saucy alfie sandwich, a bite of Nom Nom Nom Crepes‘ fried apple pie crepe, Little Tomato Catering’s Moroccan mini pizza topped with sliced Merguez sausage and sweet caramelized onions, ME.N.U Food Truck’s crispy fried rice ball stuffed with savoury Chinese sausage, and I finally ended the day with a much-needed cold and refreshing halo halo from Lamesa Filipino Kitchen, and grub’s homemade raspberry lemonade freezie… with the obligatory side of brain freeze. Oh wait! I almost forgot – I also took home chicken souvlaki from Kalofagas… so good.



With free admission and emphasis on international street food, TO Food Fest really sets itself apart when it comes to food events in the city. Case in point: the culinary festival attracted an impressive crowd of over 5,000 in a span of merely five hours on Sunday, almost double in attendance from the year before. Good show, guys!