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Aside from the serene beaches, breathtaking views and beautiful people, Spain is known for their food. Especially their culture of eating tapas. A tapa is an appetizer or snack famous in Spanish cuisine and basically means a “small portion of a Spanish dish”. They can be eaten hot or cold and as you can imagine, in very high quantities.

This year you can experience this Mediterranean style of dining at 39 restaurants in Toronto with the Tapas Journey. This 10-day event runs from August 10-19th and offers up a selection of three curated tapas from Toronto’s top restaurants with a cold, refreshing glass of Estrella Damm lager beer all for $20. The event is now in its 4th year and will be headed to Ottawa (Sept 14-23) and Hamilton (Sept 21-30) in September.


Tapas Journey Toronto - Copetin | View the VIBE Toronto
Checking out the Tapas Journey menu at Copetin (Photo: Steven Branco/View the VIBE)

Tapas Journey is a perfect way to experience the diverse dining culture of Toronto the and unique creations from some of the top chefs in the city. Spend a long, easy afternoon eating your favourite foods with good company and enjoying a cold glass of beer. Sounds pretty perfect to us.

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Some of the participating restaurants that we’re excited about are Luckee, Copetin, Bar Reyna and Bar Raval.

Earlier this week we got the opportunity to go out and try Luckee by Susur Lee, and Bar Reyna’s Tapas Journey Menu with an Estrella Damm pint to wash. Take a look.


Luckee by Susur Lee

Luckee - Tapas Journey Toronto | View the VIBE

Luckee by Susur Lee Toronto - Tapas Journey | View the VIBE
The Tapas Journey menu at Luckee by Susur Lee includes their Luckee Hargow, Kung Pao Chicken Tart, and the Crispy Vegetable Spring Roll (Photos: Steven Branco/View the VIBE)


Bar Reyna in Yorkville

Bar Reyna in Yorkville - Tapas Journey | View the VIBE Toronto

Bar Reyna Yorkville - Tapas Journey Toronto | View the VIBE
The Tapas Journey menu at Bar Reyna includes a Mezze Bowl, Sea Bass Guacamole, and Pan con Tomate (Photos: Steven Branco/View the VIBE)

But don’t wait, the Tapas Journey is only here until Sunday, August 19th. For more information check out the event listing on our Events Calendar, or their website for a full list of participating restaurants.