I find many things to be potentially awkward when getting my hair cut by a new barber: the odd moments of eye contact in the mirror, the seeming need to converse, and let’s not get into the feelings of anxiety that arise if the chop isn’t up to my standards. Whatever your standards might be, it seems as though John Allan’s has gotten things right.


The kempt man has emerged to become more mainstream in recent years. General man-tenence is not only noticeable to others, but has become (as it should be) a source of confidence for many men. That said, us guys are lazy creatures by nature. We’re also creatures of habit. Luckily for us, John Allan figured that out back in 1988 and has provided the image conscious man with a place to park his posterior after a hard day at the office, sip on a cool beer or a pick-me-up coffee, and get his groom-on.


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Based on a membership driven format (they take general appointments as well) John Allan’s provides everything from haircuts and shaves to facials and manicures, massages, shoe shines, styling and more – all with exceptional service. Even if you’re a first timer, like I was, the staff treats you as if they’ve known you for years (an I mean that in a good way). They’re friendly and courteous, approachable and conversational, yet entirely professional.


Now in their 25th year in business, John Allan’s has four full service men’s clubs in New York, one each in downtown Chicago, Beverly Hills and San Francisco, and inside The Bay at Yonge and Queen in Toronto comes the first of their international outposts.


As I mentioned, John Allan’s has the usual lineup of a la carte options, but the real treat is dubbed The Full Service. The tailored package for the tailored man, The Full Service includes scalp massaging shampoo, conditioning treatment, hot towel, haircut, manicure, shoeshine and beverages. Yes, they have beer on tap! For an annual fee of $850, members enjoy the unlimited benefits of The Full Service package, which when you break it down, is less than the cost of two haircuts a month at most barber shops. I debated doing it just for the beer… ahem.


Nary have I felt so taken care of, so relaxed and so refreshed afterwards. For me, not signing up on the spot was more of an issue of proximity than anything, however since John Allan’s at The Bay is located directly on the subway line, it’s something for all the gents out there to consider. After all, feeling great starts with looking that way.


John Allan’s at The Bay 176 Yonge St, 2nd Floor (416) 861-6307