Dating apps – they’re all the same, characterized by endless swiping through random profiles, weird messages and slightly dodgy profile pictures. You either get fed up of aimlessly flicking through profiles, or you get RSI.

Well, not any more, The Inner Circle is the newest app to shake up the online dating scene, promising curated profiles, genuine nice people, and singles parties every month. Sound good? Here’s why you should give this app a shot:

Genuine, normal people

The Inner Circle has a dedicated team making sure everyone on the app is who they say they are, by manually checking each new member you can wave goodbye to being catfished or pranked by false profiles.

Normal People Tumblr The Inner Circle
Photo: Tumblr

You’ll never be stuck for date ideas

The Spots feature: The Inner Circle’s answer to all your first date fears. Members list their favourite hangouts and places to go, meaning you can impress your date with some seriously slick date venues – i’d be impressed! 🍾


Curated matches

The days of random Tinder matches are over (phew). Detailed profiles mean you can find your fellow techno raver, or another series junkie to Netflix and chill with.

Oh, and remember that team of dating experts checking profiles? They make sure everyone has a high quality photograph, no more fuzzy bathroom pictures or dog-eared selfies.


Exclusive singles parties

Cocktails, canapés, tunes… oh, and a room full of eligible singles. Your prospects for finding a date just got so much higher.

The Inner Circle hosts exclusive events in some of the most sought-after venues worldwide. Think anything from rooftop cocktails in Sydney, to 90s house parties in London. The events mean members can mingle with the safety of knowing everyone is single.


Never travel alone

Got a holiday booked? Input your travel plans into the app and rub shoulders with singles all across the globe. Plus, the spots feature means you’ll always be able to find nice bars and restaurants, recommended by locals who know exactly where to go.


Sounds like the dating scenes had a breath of fresh air right? Download The Inner Circle here and finally give those thumbs a rest.