The TTC Struggle is Real: Dear Miss Granola Cruncher

Ever had a sticky, upsetting or hilarious situation on the TTC? We have. So we’ve decided to launch our new #TTClife column where our local VIBERS share with you open letters to rando’s on the subway. WARNING, be prepared to literally L-O-L. Set your reminders, because they will be coming to you every other Friday.

Dear Miss Granola Cruncher (Iiterally)….

Today was my first day going back to work part time (post an accident and surgery) and taking the subway during rush hour. I had a cane – remember me? You almost knocked me over to get a seat between Mr. Sleepy and Mr. Solitaire. You were the one who had a little self-satisfied smile knowing the you had the seat. I was the one standing in front of you with my computer bag, purse, and as mentioned, the cane.

The subway moved a lot. You were amazing! You even pulled out your cereal jar filled with granola and fruits of the vine and proceeded to eat with your cute little spoon from home. You may not be friendly to those in need, but you are environmentally friendly! Anyway, I had to stand there and watched you eat and amazingly, you didn’t spill all over your little self. No, it didn’t make me hungry. But I did think that perhaps you could have waited until you got to work.

You pretended to not hear the nice lady standing next to me who said “do you want me to kick one of them for you?” She was very kind, and slightly disgusted and said it again when she left.

You continued to stare blankly at me. Then you took a hint but at that point, I only had two stops to go, and I love a good challenge so I said thanks (but in my inside voice I added “for nothing you twerp”). I always gave up my seats for those in need. It would be nice if there was some good karma or at least some good people left in this world. Guess not, or at least on the TTC.

Lady with the Cane

PS – Mr. Solitaire Player…you’re no better, no wonder you kept losing. Who loses 6 times in a row at the world’s most boring game? Shame!


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Photo credit: @fotonia / flickr