PEI National Parks
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Cavendish Cliffs
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Your Guide to PEI

Planning a trip to PEI? Maybe you should. Stand on the edge of Cavendish Cliffs and let the winds blow your hair as you look down at the jagged shingle-like rocks far below. This is your guide to Prince Edward Island – rugged, wild and beautiful. Grab your water shoes and a good hair tie and scramble down the steep banks to walk along pristine red sand beaches. Pulled from the cold waters surrounding this island, lobsters and mussels will make a delicious meal after your beach-combing excursions.

Penthouse Harbor Views at The Holman Grand Hotel

Prince Edward Island is surrounded by gorgeous water views. Take in some of the spectacular harbor vistas from the penthouse suite at The Holman Grand Hotel. This hotel is indeed grand, from the pool and restaurant/bar to the newly added spa- this place is perfect for relaxing before catching some sleep. From the floor-to-ceiling windows you can also see the historic buildings of Charlottetown, the capital. Since you’re this close, you might as well take a walk and explore the city, right?

The Holman Grand Hotel
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St. Dunstan’s Basilica, Victoria Row and Confederation Centre of the Arts are all within easy walking distance of The Holman Grand Hotel. Plenty of restaurants nearby make it easy to grab a quick bite or savor a luxurious meal. When it’s rainy, take a stroll through the attached indoor mall and theater to avoid the weather.

PEI Attractions

St. Dunstan’s Basilica is a mere .05 miles from the hotel on the edge of Charlottetown. Here the church has stood the tests of winds and weather for over 100 years. Visitors can tour the inside to see magnificent stained glass, statues of the apostles, and arched ceilings in the High Victorian Gothic style. Twin spires outside seem to reach for the heavens.

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St. Dunstan's Basilica
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Stroll down to Victoria Row for a pedestrian center where shops, live music, and local artists merge together. Picnic tables with painted checkerboards give visitors a wonderful place to relax and do some people-watching. Wander through the Anne of Green Gables store or grab some curry chicken at the Garden Cafe.

Fuel Up

All of the wandering and walking can cause your belly to feel a bit empty. There are fantastic places to stop and grab a bite to eat as you explore PEI. If you just need some carbs and caffeine to keep you running, head over to Receiver Coffee Company. You can smell the yummy goodness of blueberry cinnamon rolls and espresso before you even reach the door. Do you need something a little more substantial? They also serve up hot soups and gooey grilled-cheese sandwiches.

Receiver Coffee Company
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Green Gables

After you refuel, take route 6 out to the famous Green Gables where Anne of Green Gables was filmed. Take a tour of the home place where the red-headed orphan Anne lived and caused chaos. You can walk through the haunted woods or Lover’s Lane after you have went through the rooms of the house, which has been restored to match the scenes in the iconic book. This place is a tribute to the author, Lucy Maud Montgomery and is a source of pride to the Canadian people.

Green Gable
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Is It Lunchtime Yet?

A morning spent exploring should be followed up by a great lunch. You are on Prince Edward Island so why not order up a lobster roll from the pink food truck on the corner? Terry’s Berries is a well-loved food truck serving up generous portions of lobster, seafood chowder and even pulled pork. Take your lunch down to the waterfront and enjoy delicious fresh seafood as you watch the waves.

Lobster Roll PEI
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Prince Edward Island National Park

A day or two spent exploring Prince Edward Island National Park will give you a good overview of the landscapes of the whole island. Red cliffs, sand dunes, beaches and plenty of trails allow you to see the coastal beauty of the area. Walk the wooden footpaths over the marshes or stroll down sandy paths that lead out to beautiful beach areas. Pick up shells and try to spot marsh birds as they dig for mussels and clams. Pitch your tent on the bluffs or ride your bike along quiet trails through the woods.

PEI National Parks
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Guiding Light

While you are on the island, you cannot help but see several lighthouses standing sentinel against the ocean waves. West Point Lighthouse is wrapped in black and white stripes and has attached accommodations for overnight guests. Take a tour inside where the steps lead to amazing views. There is also a little museum of artifacts and memorabilia from families who once lived here. Cape Egmont Lighthouse and Covehead Lighthouse cannot be entered but they still provide great backdrops for photos. The grounds are lovely, a perfect place for a picnic before you and your family hit the beach.

Guiding Light PEI
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Dinner Time

Finish your day by treating your family to a wonderful fresh seafood meal at one of the many restaurants. Blue Mussel Cafe has pretty water views to enjoy while you dine on freshly caught mussels, Halibut Gremolata and shrimp linguine. The soups are thick with clams, mussels and potatoes. Of course, there are salads and appetizers but save room for the main courses because they are fabulous. End the night with blueberry pie and a smile.

Blue Mussel Cafe
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