Dating tips for men toronto

Dating tips for men toronto

So you’ve done the really hard part of requesting a date and they said yes, now what?

Dating is complicated as we all know, but we can limit those complications by recognizing that it’s the not the be all and end all. A date is supposed to be a fun way of getting to know someone you feel an intense attraction to. An opportunity for you to learn more about them. The hope at the end is that the curiosity between the two of you intensifies to create desire for a second date.


You have to plan the date, and for the love of Beysus don’t just show up and hope things fall into place. Plan, Plan, Plan! Most dates fail because of lack of planning by the guy. Think about who you have asked out and how best you can show them a good time in a great environment that will be memorable, help you shine and allow for them to enjoy themselves getting to know you. Time, place and vibe. Oh and please be punctual it’s just truly bad manners to be late for a first date.

Where to go

Where to go depends solely on the vibe you want to create and how you want to give this person a unique experience. So be specific.
Is it fine dining, casual affair, active, creative or artistic? Avoid movies and concerts as a 1st date option as they limit talking and chances to really engage with personality and eye contact in those scenarios.

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Some great suggestions are listed below:

  • Kost – Great cocktails and city skyline views
  • Baro – Cool Latin food and vibe
  • Mira – Peruvian cuisine in eclectic setting
  • Chubby’s – Jamaican Cuisine and vibe
  • Ballroom – Bowling, food & sports
  • Paintlounge – Fun place to get your art on

What to wear

This depends on where you have decided to go and what you have decided to do. The most important thing is to make an effort. Let them know you wanted to look good for them, it’s a statement that doesn’t have to be said but by The Carters it makes an impact. The FIT is key in whatever your wearing baggy or tight is too much. Make sure whatever you are wearing fits your body type again your creating a visual story here to add to the vibe of the night.

Check my previous article here for more details on looks for summer dates.

However, the best part of your outfit is your CONFIDENCE. Nothing will make you more memorable than being confident in who you are and how you present yourself.

Men Dating tips toronto

Who Pays

This for me is really simple; whoever requests the date pays for the date. If things progress to other dates, then it can be traded.

How to end the night

At this point you should be able to tell if it’s going well or not. If it is and you planned well you have another option to continue the night. No that doesn’t automatically mean back to your place. A nice relaxed lounge where you can kickback and get closer and talk some more over a great cocktail is ideal. Taking a stroll is also an underrated romantic activity but great way to talk and find moments to be close.