TOM FW 2018

If you look into a fashion-forward Canadian closet there are a few items you will definitely find. Maybe a little black dress? The perfect pair of jeans? A classic plain white t-shirt? A winter proof jacket, gloves and hats?

Having to deal with a harsh winter season, it appears that the Canadian fashionista has mastered the skill of being on trend and not suffering from hypothermia.  It’s that mastery that Canada’s leading producer and promoter of Canadian fashion, Canada Fashion Group (CFG), is looking to promote at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*) and Toronto’s Women’s Fashion Week (TW) this Fall/Winter 2018 season.


A Focus On Outerwear

Using both the National and International platforms that TOM* and TW have, CFG hopes to establish Canada as the Fashion Week Capital of Outerwear in the world.

“Canada has been at the forefront of exporting their famous coats, designer brands and ready to wear looks around the world,” says Hans Koechling, producer of TOM* and TW.

Which is why this upcoming TOM* and TW, running from March 9 -11 and March 12- 14 respectively, will focus and highlight outerwear from established and upcoming Canadian brands and designers.

Don’t fret if outerwear is not your thing.  Similar to past years expect to see feature segments highlighting the latest trends and fashion innovations.

Photo: Che Rosales
Photo By: Shayne Gray

What Else To Expect At TOM* & TW 2018

For Fall/Winter 2018 TOM* and TW will feature a combined 36 solo designer presentations. Designers and brands, you can look forward to seeing are Rudsak, Shelli Oh, Kollar Clothing, Pascal Labelle, Kenneth Barlis, KQK, and many more.

It will have two celebrity fashion shows with Canadian celebrities talking on the catwalk wearing the latest collections featured at TOM* and TW. And lastly, two collective fashion shows.

If you are curious to see what you might want to wear next time the temperature hits below -10℃ then you can buy your tickets to TOM* and TW on their website.