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Toronto is an epicentre for incredible restaurants with an appetite for worldly cuisines. As a foodie, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the constantly changing landscape. The options are seemingly endless. But, as any food allergic patron will attest, dining out can be overwhelming for a whole other reason. In particular living with a gluten allergy presents itself multiple challenges. Not only options but also the risk of cross-contact which can lend itself to a pretty severe reaction in some cases. While the rise of food allergies is up across the board, intolerance to gluten is the largest percentage of the population.


Here are the Top 10 Gluten-Free Restaurants from one of Toronto’s Leading Gluten-Free Expert

Navigating restaurants that not only offer gluten-free options but also offer some reassurance in the elimination of cross-contact to the best of their ability is a feat many do not want to undertake. The good news is that restaurateurs are becoming more inventive, attentive and accommodating to dietary needs. Here is a round-up of the top places offering dedicated gluten-free menus or are confident they can properly serve the community. Get ready, your hunger levels are about to spike!


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1) Almond Butterfly Bakeshop

A fully dedicated bakeshop & café that offers classics like cupcakes, cookies, muffins and assorted squares. But their real claim to fame has got to be their bagels. This is a staple for your gluten-free repertoire.

Location: 100 Harbord Street, Toronto ON

top 10 gluten-free - almond butter

2) Pizza Libretto

If you think you’ll never eat a proper Neapolitan-style pizza again, think twice. Reinventing a traditional-style crust without the gluten was no simple feat for Chef Rocco. After over three years of development, the end result is nothing short of epic.

Location: 545 King Street West, Toronto ON

pizza libretto gluten-free

3) Impact Kitchen

Fuel your body with real, wholesome foods that will feed you energy all day long. Some argue they have the best bone broth in the city. But everyone will agree that their bowls are stacked with all the good stuff.

Locations: 39 Brant Street // 573 King Streer East, Toronto ON

Impact Kitchen Toronto

4) Kupfert & Kim

Who knew plant-based could be so good. Even omnivores leave satisfied and coming back for more. No matter the size of your appetite, there is a delicious option for you. The waffles and bowls are pretty standard recommendations that won’t disappoint.

Locations: 140 Spadina Avenue // First Canadian Place // Brookfield Place // Waterpark Place // Metro Centre // Sun Life Financial Tower Toronto ON

Kupfert & Kim Gluten-free

5) Riz on Yonge

If you’re avoiding gluten, soy sauce is a no-go. Asian cuisine is synonymous with this ingredient. But Riz doesn’t go near it for the sake of servicing a very loyal gluten-free client base. They’ve recreated classic dishes like spring rolls, crispy beef, fried rice, and dumplings using substitutes. And boast a fully dedicated prep kitchen.

Location: 3321 Yonge Street, Toronto ON

top 10 gluten-free restaurants Riz on Yonge

6) Tabule Middle Eastern

Pitas, falafels, and hummus are the perfect trifecta for Middle Eastern cuisine. Unless of course, you’re gluten-free. Wheat and cross-contact are typically the biggest concerns. But, here you can have your flatbread and eat it too! They serve incredibly authentic food, with allergies in mind, to make for an enjoyable experience for all.

Locations: 2009 Yonge Street // 810 Queen Street East, Toronto ON

Tabule Gluten-free Toronto

7) Pai

Do not shy away from this authentic Thai restaurant on the premise of uncertainty. What they can prepare gluten-free is worth the visit. Dishes like curry, pad gra prao and pad thai are as close to Thailand as you will get. It is a truly special experience unmatched in the city.

Location: 18 Duncan Street, Toronto ON

Pai Toronto

8) Simple Kitchen

Simple doesn’t have to be boring. It certainly isn’t at this paleo-friendly and completely gluten-free restaurant. Grab a superfood drink or nourishing bowl but don’t leave without a treat. They’re free of refined sugars and are a healthier alternative to feed your sweet tooth.

Location: 73 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto ON

Simple Kitchen

9) Butternut Baking Co

Another bakery specializing in gluten-free treats. In fact, they take it one step further and avoid all grains. Skeptics are turned into believers on the regular once they get their hands on popular items like carnival donuts, pizza rolls, and lemon tarts.

Location: 2743 Dundas Street West Toronto ON

Butter Nut Baking

10) Playa Cabana Hacienda

No gluten-free round-up would be complete without an ode to tacos. While traditionally the shells are corn-based, you would be surprised how many places will use flour. Not at this establishment, though. There are many options to choose from. Their celiac-safe tortilla chips make that extra order of guacamole worthwhile.

Location: 14 Dupont Street, Toronto ON

Playa Hacienda