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What do you think about tattoos? Have you ever found yourself browsing through one of the tattoo parlours in Toronto and wondering about getting one? If so, you are not alone. People choose to get tattoos for all sorts of reasons. If one of the following applies to you, feel free to treat yourself today.

1. You Like The Way They Look on Others

You have several friends or relatives who have tattoos. Rather than being distractions, those tattoos seem to make your loved ones all the more special to you. That’s because those tattoos are a part of what you envision when you think about them. They genuinely look great on those people.

That makes you wonder if a tattoo would look equally well on you. There’s a way to find out without being locked into the need to talk to professionals about how to remove tattoos later: get a temporary tattoo now. Make sure it’s drawn by a professional so you get the full effect. If you like it and want to make it permanent, that artist will be happy to oblige.

2. You Think a Tattoo Would Look Good on You

You already believe that a tattoo would look good on you. Now the focus is on talking with experts at the local tattoo parlours in Toronto and deciding what sort of tattoo you want. There are lots of designs ready for you to consider. You can also talk with an artist and come up with a design of your own making.

3. You Want to Express Your Love For Someone

It’s not unusual for people to get tattoos in honour of someone they love a great deal. Think of all the people in your life that you would like to honour. For example, you may choose:

• A parent or grandparent
• A romantic interest
• A spouse
• A child

That’s only a few possibilities. Basically, any loved one you want to honour is acceptable.

One point to keep in mind is that the person you wish to honour may or may not like the idea of a tattoo. A temporary one for now makes it possible to determine if the person is flattered or upset by your choice. If the person appreciates your gesture, make it permanent. If not, it will fade away soon. That will ensure you don’t have to go through any of the methods used to remove tattoos created with permanent ink.

4. You Want to Express Your Support For a Cause You Believe In

You will also see people sporting tattoos that have to do with a cause they believe in deeply. That can range from social justice issues to support for specific agencies like animal shelters, homeless shelters, or organizations that fund research for certain types of illnesses.

This can be a powerful way to raise awareness. When people see the tattoo, that motivates them to ask questions. You in turn get to provide them with facts about a cause that is close to your heart. You never know when that conversation will spur the person to help out in some way.

5. You Want to Share Something About Your Religious or Philosophical Beliefs

Many people have religious or philosophical beliefs that they employ to guide their choices and their actions with other people. You’ll find that many of the tattoo parlours in Toronto have designs on hand for various types of religious organizations as well as those who support a particular set of beliefs. They are also happy to help you design a custom tattoo that represents the beliefs you have chosen to espouse.

If you have a strong motivation to share your beliefs but are not the type who likes to hand out brochures or knock on doors, a tattoo can be a wonderful way for people to discover that you hold those understandings and start a conversation with you.

6. You Need Something to Help You Deal With a Trauma

People don’t think of tattoos as a way to deal with some sort of physical or emotional trauma, but this can be a way of coming to terms with whatever happened, put things in perspective, and be ready to move forward rather than look backward. In this sense, the tattoo functions as a resource that helps the person reclaim his or her life and feel free to put the past where it belongs.

Consider how this would work for someone who overcomes the damage done in some sort of accident or who was diagnosed with a serious ailment but later overcame it. In this type of application, the tattoo is all about emerging from a dark period of life and finding the strength to move on to better things. For people who have been there, the tattoo is not a reminder of what was, other than reminding the person that he or she is a survivor.

7. You Want to Honour Someone Who Has Passed On

While many tattoos have to do with honouring someone who is in your life right now, they can also be about honouring someone who is no longer living. Perhaps you like the idea of honouring a father or mother who made your growing-up years a delight. Now that the parent is gone, the tattoo serves to remind you of the lessons they taught, the laughter shared in the family, and the legacy of ethics and compassion that they leave behind.

You could choose to get a tattoo that honours a friend who died in an accident or because of a disease. Perhaps the tattoo design focuses on something the two of you had in common like a hobby or mutual interest. Whatever the specifics, you think of your friend every time you see the tattoo.

Remember that it’s important to be sure about the design and that the subject matter is something you will want to see every time you look at the tattoo. Doing so will ensure you don’t have to see an artist to remove tattoos you no longer want, or have to go through additions that chance the topic or the theme of the tattoo.

8. You Want to Express Support For a Public Figure

What about expressing your support for a public figure? There are certainly tattoos designed to do just that. You may want to use any of the following as the theme for the design:

• Sports figures
• Actors
• Political figures
• Singers or musical groups

A tattoo dedicated to a public figure could provide a reason for someone to approach you and strike up a conversation. For example, you may have a tattoo that has to do with your favourite singer. Another person who happens to love that same entertainer may come over to comment on the tattoo and the two of you may begin to talk. Before you know it, you have a new friend.

9. You Love Body Art in General

There’s just something about body art in general that appeals to you. Maybe it’s the beautiful colours that some people select for their tattoos. Perhaps you love to look at them because they seem to tell a story. The reason for your appreciation could be the fact that they tell you a little something about the creativity of the person who wanted the tattoo as well as the person who did the work. In any case, you find that body art adds to the beauty of the individual rather than taking anything away from the person.

10. You Want Something That Boosts Your Self-Confidence

If you’ve ever gone through a difficult time in your life, you know how exhausting difficult experiences can be. While it’s true that you managed to get through that period, it left you feeling somewhat weakened and maybe a little less sure of yourself. Time will be one of the tools that help you to recover from that unfortunate period, but there are other resources you can use to expedite your healing and regain your sense of confidence. One of those is a tattoo.

In a sense, getting the tattoo creates a line that draws a distinction between where you’ve been and where you’re going. It can be considered a sign of the fresh start you are making after the end of a romantic relationship, a divorce, the death of a loved one, or even some major life change that made it necessary to abandon deeply held beliefs and embrace a new way of thinking. Whatever the nature of the life-altering event, the tattoo can essentially confirm that you may be a little down right now, but you will be back on your feet and moving forward.

There are plenty of other reasons to consider getting a tattoo. What reason or reasons resonate with you? Whatever they happen to be, rest assured they are enough to visit a parlour and talk with an artist. Once you have a design that is right for you, go ahead and try a temporary one. Assuming you like it, go back and have it permanently inked. Every time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of why you love the tattoo so much.