Everywhere I go people tell me I have great lashes and ask me if they’re real. So here’s the deal: no they’re not real, they’re extensions. While I have always had extra long lashes, I often found myself using far too much mascara and my gym experience left me looking like a vampire all too often. So when I discovered eyelash extensions five years ago, I tried them, fell in love, and haven’t looked back (at mascara) since. Today, eyelash extension services are popping up at a lot more salons and spas, and one must know what to look for. In my experience, the most important thing is finding a dedicated lash place that does them, only because then you know you are in expert hands.

In my years of lash extension experience, I have tried a few places. Here are my top three choices in Toronto…

Lust for Lashes
This Liberty Village lash beauty bar is a one-woman show; and she works harder than most people. She loves what she does and it shows. With a medical background, her attention to detail in terms of glue, lashes and eye pads is top notch and the results are fantastic. My real lashes don’t suffer, my eyes don’t get irritated, and the extensions stay intact. She uses mink lashes and takes the time to ensure they look perfect with no clumping or crooked strands. A regular first time lash application is $175 to $200, while the monthly fills are $55 to $65. I’ve been seeing her for the last year and I highly recommend her.

Image courtesy of Lust For Lashes’ Facebook Page 

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The Lash Bar
This lady is responsible for making me fall in love with lashes in the first place. The only reason I don’t see her anymore is because she has opened a larger beauty bar in Etobicoke and I don’t have time for the travel. However, if you live in the Lakeshore/Kipling area, this is your girl. Also meticulous, she has even created her own brand of lashes and glue and has trained a team with her techniques. She manages to get 70 to 100 lashes on each eye so they pop every time. The Lash Bar prices are $250 to $350 for the initial application and $55 to $75 for a fill. They also offer other services including mist tanning and brow shaping.

Image courtesy of The Lash Bar’s Facebook Page

Pretty in the City
Located at Yonge and Eglinton, this beauty bar has been the talk of the town for quite a while. While I have personally never tried them, I have seen results on friends and they do a great job. They offer a large selection of lash sets varying from 25 lashes per eye to 150 lashes per eye, and prices vary according to your choice – anywhere from $78 to $288.

Image courtesy of Pretty in the City’s Facebook Page 

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