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If I didn’t know Noah Cappe, was the host of Food Network’s Carnival Eats and Bachelor Canada–I would have thought he was a professional dating coach. He met his now wife, Keri when he was 23, and she was 19. This couple is still very much in love, and have regular date nights. I’m a firm believer in keeping the spark alive by spending quality time with the one you love. Spending that much needed one on one time with your significant other is far more enjoyable sharing delicious food in a great atmosphere. Whether you want to create a sexy, fun, friendly or interesting experience, Noah’s list of restaurants covers a variety of dining experiences. Noah shared with me five great (first) date night options, and I was able to get some of his secrets to keeping his relationship very much alive despite his busy schedule and having been married for a few years.


5. Aloette in Chinatown

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Noah describes Aloette as this “Super cool, high-end version of an old-school diner.  It’s the perfect place for the early evening or late afternoon, end of a work day to order a Fancy cocktail. It’s the ideal after-work date where you can loosen up your tie, roll up your sleeves and grab a drink.” He said he loved the rich wood, the long wood countertops which genuinely feels like your at an upscale diner. I took a peek at the menu, and I have to say there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t order.

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4. Cafe Cancan in Harbord Village

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I loved the way Noah described this perfect date night spot. “Cafe Cancan is the Holy Trinity of a date night spot. It’s the perfect space to go for a delicious meal, with a beautiful presentation in a gorgeous space.  It all feels like the perfect Instagrammable foodie moments. I feel this place is half about the meal and half about Instagram.” Noah said he’s never been a fan of sitting on the same side of the booth with his wife Keri. However, this place seems as though it’s made for shared side by side seating. “It’s the perfect pairing of nice cocktails or delicious champagne with a little caviar and authentically smoked trout.” He recommended the steak tartare, oysters or the smoked trout. I’ll be making reservations this week!


3. Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen in the Fashion District

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Chubby’s King is a great date night for a more casual vibe with an affordable budget. “It has a super cool hipster spin, “Jamaican style” with giant cocktails served out of a pineapple. I’ve never been in a fancier Jamaican restaurant. Chubby’s is affordable dining with great music and an island vibe.” Noah recommends the veggie patties, her chicken, fried okra and of course, any of the giant fruity cocktails. My husband is half-Trinidian and half Canadian so I am accustomed to “Island” foods. Jamaican food is one of my favourites. When you combine the spices, the flavours, the coolness and chill factor of this date, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable experience for couples looking for a fun and unique dining experience.


2. Planta in Yorkville (Vegan)

Planta Toronto Yorkville | View the VIBE

One of Noah’s favourite vegan places to dine and recommend is Planta. He said his two biggest concerns are how you can enjoy a place that serves no dairy or meat? He is, after all, a happy carnivore.  On top of that, he loves desserts. How do you do cake and desserts without eggs and dairy? You’d think you’re eating sand or cardboard. Here’s what Noah has to say about Planta. “I had an ice cream brownie Sunday, and it was as good as any dessert I’ve ever had. This place NAILED it on every dish. I’m an animal lover, but I have to find balance in life and try not to eat over the top all the time. If you were to close your eyes and order anything on this menu, it would be a winner. I’ve never had a bad dish here. Everything is delicious.” Planta is an all vegan restaurant in a beautiful space giving you that additional “wow” factor.


1.  Akira Back at the Bisha Hotel in the Entertainment District

Akira Back Toronto Bisha Hotel | View the VIBE

Noah shared this fancy date night option, and he jokingly shared “If you’re looking for an elevated dining experience where you can expect to take a second mortgage out, Akira Back is your choice.”  He mentioned this restaurant as another one for the perfect “Instagrammable” moments. Akira Back is where you go for your special occasions, celebrating your anniversary, essential milestones or getting out of the dog house. “This space is funky, cool and slick. It’s dark and moody that will deliver the ultimate WOW factor. The price is justified as you can tell every plate was put together with a pair of tweezers. Every spice and garnish is hand-picked and presented to you with thoughtful preparation.” Noah and I joked about reserving this date for the 911 moments. This date night is the break the glass in case of emergency reservation or the ideal spot to celebrate something special.


Relationship Talk with Noah Cappe

Noah Cappe - Dating Expert and Restauranteur | View the VIBE Toronto

How do you keep your relationship thriving?  How important is it to plan date nights?

“Carrie and I have crazy lives. Right now I’m buried alive in publishing. We make an effort because it’s important to have those date nights. We love the fun of getting dressed up and spending time together. It’s so important to show your partner how much you love them. It doesn’t get old when you make an effort. We both put our phones away and enjoy time together.”

How long have you been together and what’s on the secret you can share with me about keeping the spark alive?

“Keri and I have been together for 17 years. Truthfully, we cannot spend enough time together. With both of our busy schedules, we have to plan time off. We commit to grow together and to keep our relationship fresh and healthy.  We are continually making an effort. Your partner knows this through the smallest gestures.”


What are the kinds of conversations you and Keri have at dinner?

“We share everything from the minutia of random moments that have happened in our day to the big stuff. We communicate a ton! There really isn’t an off-limits topic. Sometimes the best times to have those tough conversations are on date nights. You’re in a cool, calm and relaxed environment so it’s good to go over the things you haven’t had time to address.”


Noah Cappe is clearly doing something right. With so much on the go, he and his wife have the winning formula to keeping romance alive. If I were to look up #RelationshipGoals in the Urban dictionary, I wouldn’t be surprised of Noah and Keri Cappe were on that list of examples. As a matchmaker and dating coach of over 26 years, date nights with your partner and thoughtfully planned first dates makes all the difference.