Maha's Egyptian Brunch

Weekends should really be about two things, sleeping in and brunch.  The Toronto Brunch scene has a little something for everyone so with the help of Mili Jain from The City is Mine, a brunch enthusiast, we’ve put together a list of some of her favourite places to indulge in the meal that falls between breakfast and lunch.  Whether you want sweet or savoury, this list covers all the bases.

Maha Egyptian Brunch

There are no eggs benedict on this menu but what you will find is authentic, traditional, finger licking Egyptian street food.  This family run restaurant seats about 20 people and makes you feel like you’ve stepped into someone’s home kitchen. Every dish is fresh and made to order by Maha Barsoom herself and her family.  The Honey Cardamom Latte and Arbaneet (deep fried cauliflower with cumin and coriander stuffed in charred mini pita bread and drizzled with homemade tomeya and tehina sauce) are definitely crowd favourites.  Be forewarned, you will likely have to wait up to two hours on a busy weekend.

Maha's Egyptian Brunch, Toronto Brunch
Image: Instagram @thecityismineTO

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

You haven’t had pancakes until you’ve had Mildred’s Temple Kitchen pancakes.  Known as “Mrs. Biederhof’s Legendary Light & Fluffy Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes“, these will not only satisfy your brunch craving but will have you trying to replicate the recipe at home.  There is yet to be a dish of fluffier, softer, sweeter pancakes to be had in Toronto.  For brunch, reservations can be hard to come by so you can expect a wait on weekends.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen, Toronto Brunch
Image: Instagram @thecityismineTO

La Petit Dejeuner

La Petit Dejeuner has been a Toronto brunch staple since 2002.  They are known for their incredible Belgian waffles which are made fresh every day.  They have a variety of classic brunch items on their menu to satiate every palette but you cannot leave without trying the waffles.  The most unique part about their dishes is that you can enjoy both sweet and savoury foods on the same plate.  The best of both worlds!

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La Petit Dejeuner, Toronto Brunch
Image: Instagram @bennypaps

La Societe

La Societe can come across as a fancier place for brunch but they deliver on both taste and affordability.  Open since 2011, La Societe serves classic French fare for both dinner and brunch.  They have all the classic dishes for brunch from eggs benedict to French toast all with a little Parisian twist.  The best part about brunch at La Societe? You can indulge and bottomless mimosas.  Cheers!

La Societe, Toronto Brunch
Image: Instagram @thecityismineTO

La Palma

La Palma is the newest addition to Toronto’s dining scene from Chef Craig Harding of Campagnolo.  It’s both a quick take-away spot during the day but then serves a delicious dinner and brunch.  With it’s laid back SoCal vibe you can enjoy fresh, healthier dishes with a few classic indulgences.  Some brunch favourites are the Baked Eggs All’ Amatriciana and Breakfast Pizza.  Make sure you go back for dinner and try out the 100 layer lasagna, you won’t regret it.

La Palma, Toronto Brunch
Image: La Palma