Toronto’s restaurant scene has officially become renowned around the world, with many flocking to Toronto to indulge in some of our culinary fabulousness. Over the last five years, the city has seen some outstanding new restaurant concepts and cuisines crop up, as well as chefs stepping outside the “norm” to bring our city some unique menus and dishes.

In 2014, this certainly did not stop, with an overload of restaurants opening and — sadly — some great ones closing, too. In a previous article (“The Hunger Games: Toronto’s Restaurant Scene“), we discussed how the industry has become over-saturated, but today we want to highlight our top 10 favourite new restaurants and chefs who have raised the bar in Toronto’s restaurant scene. It is impossible to say these are the “best,” but we certainly can attest to these leaving a mark in our minds.

Picking only 10 was torturous, with so many great ones to choose from. Firstly, these are in no particular order and, secondly, at the end you will also find a few honourable mentions that we simply couldn’t ignore.

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New Toronto Restaurants of 2014

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