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Or should I say, silicone…

Toronto is introducing a sex doll brothel on September 8th, and it’s apparently the first of its kind in North America. It’s not surprising in today’s challenging dating market a need for this type of service has emerged. These high-tech sex dolls are made of silicone and are freakishly human-like. My first thoughts as a matchmaker are, how am I (or many dating sites) going to compete with a service that delivers gorgeous, physically and anatomically perfect  “made to order” dolls, for lonely single men seeking companionship or a hook-up? LOL Of course, she’s not human, so there’s that. My second thought was how easy it is for a man to match himself to a doll of his physical choice. In this scenario, it’s not a reflection of real life or what happens in the real world. Men and women are not “made to order” in this way.

Aura Dolls is claiming to be the first sex-doll brothel in North America showcasing a variety of six lifelike, potential sexual partners who are always ready and at your service. Their vision is “To bring you an exciting new way to achieve your needs without the many restrictions and limitations that a real partner may come with. We hope that way you can enjoy any fantasy or fetish you desire without judgement or shame bringing the ultimate sexual experience.”

For many single men and women, it can certainly feel as if dating does come with many restrictions and limitations. After all, it takes a lot of work to get to know someone, let alone to respond to your message requests. Singles today are dealing with ghosting, cat-fishing, cushioning, zombie’ing and monkeying. Having the ability to book time with one or even two sex dolls could be the perfect match for a frustrated dater. I can imagine this service might be an excellent option to an inexperienced dater or someone who has minimal opportunity to interact with a woman of the opposite sex. The challenge in that, is most women are not built with the dimensions of a real-life Barbie.

For example, Aura Doll “Anna” with Japanese ethnicity is described as the following:

  • Hair: Brunette
  • Eyes: Brown Eyes
  • Breasts: Natural
  • Age: 22
  • Curves: 32H 24 36
  • Figure: Busty

And if her dimensions weren’t impressive, she  will always be “ready and waiting” for you for, at a price of $80 for one, for 30 minutes or up to $960 for two dolls for four hours. I’m of the opinion that real life dating and personal connection is far more rewarding, and to each their own.

My advice to anyone seeking a long-term, committed relationship, is to focus their time, energy and resources on activities that will lead them to real women. As a professional matchmaker, I’d rather be matching men with their potential human life partners instead of a silicone, fantasy version of one.