MacKenzie Hill is simply world-class.

In everything and anything she takes on, MacKenzie Hill’s inspirational approach to life serves as a motivational example for a broad range of women. Whether it is girls in their teenage years or women in their seventies, female entrepreneurs of every age can look to MacKenzie Hill for support, encouragement, and guidance.

With a passionate determination and commitment to helping others find their success, MacKenzie works tirelessly to help others seeking to turn their concepts into reality, build thriving enterprises, and live their dreams.

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Sports Lessons 

Athletics is her initial passion, not simply because she loves competition, but rather its perfect alignment of work, accomplishment, and rewards. Running since she was 13 years of age, MacKenzie competed worldwide in addition to her participation on a number of US National Teams.

Her vision and goals for Relay Collective, in addition to the hair product brand LumiBloom, is the direct result of Mackenzie’s experiences traveling all around the world, competing in track meets. During an international competition, MacKenzie and her co-founder, Greg Nixon discovered the potential they had to enable other entrepreneurs to succeed as well. The pair decided to make available their premium quality hair products directly into other female entrepreneurs’ hands, allowing those women to sell LumiBloom.


As a UCLA graduate with an unstoppable enthusiasm for business ventures, MacKenzie believes in empowering other women using enterprise. She strives to be an industry leader who supports other individuals to achieve success for themselves. Combining her business smarts with her keen eye for what’s hot, MacKenzie is always able to pick out the next big thing in fashion and bring it to her company. Sports and UCLA taught her that a solid work ethic leads to accomplishment, and now MacKenzie is working with other dedicated women, having fun while reaping huge rewards.

Her lifestyle, combined with her passions, have meshed together in the founding of her enterprise, Relay Collective, featuring the beauty brand LumiBloom. At Relay, among its other pursuits, Hill and Nixon encourage financial independence for other women business professionals by assisting a community of LumiBloom consultants and brand ambassadors. Not only are women empowered, but they are also serving other busy women who find themselves always on the move to embody style and beauty with LumiBloom hair and hair care essentials.


More than Just Business

Relay Collective and LumiBloom are the embodiment of more than merely glamor and exquisiteness. Although this company is representative of Mackenzie’s drive to establish and build a thriving, fast-growing enterprise, the business and its products are about self-determination. Relay Collective and LumiBloom dedicate themselves to empowering individuals, assisting others to make choices that best suit them while also building their businesses. What better way to start off in the business world than selling products that many, particularly African American women, frequently use. For MacKenzie Hill, it is important that she owns every aspect of who she is, that she lives her life loud, proud, boldly, and as beautifully and bountifully as is possible.

MacKenzie Hill and Greg Nixon relish, with the resources their company affords, the opportunity to create a platform that enables others to achieve their dreams and live the lives they desire. Working to make it relaxed and enjoyable, they want you to share their high-quality LumiBloom branded products too.

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