Up the Ante of your next Fresh Flowers Gift or Decor with Vivid Arrangements

Flower arrangements date back thousands of years BCE, and hasn’t seen much change for centuries, but is still valued and appreciated. A bouquet of flowers can be the perfect way to make someone’s day, cheer them up, show support, and express one’s love, but can also be a great way to decorate a party, office, wedding, or even your own home — just like the Egyptians would do back in 2500 BCE, commonly used in the form of a bouquet in a vase.

In recent years, we’ve seen the industry evolve and be a little more trendy looking for ways to make flowers last longer. One trend on the rise are flower boxes. Some in the shape of a simple cube, others in the shape of a heart, stars and more. Commonly seen in the form of a paper/cardboard box with the flowers sticking out, or plexiglass to be able to close the box and see right in — also preserving them for longer. These forms are less commonly used as decor, but more so as gifts.

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Custom Printing on Fresh Flowers

Then enters printing on fresh flowers. Simple yet quite meaningful. You can have a rose, or any other flowers with wide enough petals, printed with messages like a proposal, greeting or even a logo or photo. Then stick it into the middle of the bouquet for your love to find, do them all, or use them as individuals with invitations or as part of the decor. The options are endless, and can really step things up a notch. Companies have been printing on fresh flowers for some time now in the US, but like many other things, to no avail here in Canada. Luckily, Vivid Arrangements has changed that. They now hold the sole license to print on Fresh Flowers in Canada.

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Endless personalization and customization opportunities, in a day-in-age, where tailor made, or custom made anything, is valued and appreciated. Whether it be monogrammed, signed, or full on tailor made, it’s appreciated. Curious how you can integrate them into your next project? Check out their website for details.


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