Up up and away with Hendricks Gin, who debuted a new flavour at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche

As a British gal, Hendrick’s really is a taste of home for me! I love me some gin, and Henrick’s really hits the spot! So too does their new blend, Orbium, a spicier and more herbal flavour that dances across the tongue as I imagine a woodland fairy would too. What am I talking about? It sounds likes nonsense. Well, sure, but that is what Hendrick’s love.

I spent an evening amid the absurd at a pop up gin emporium filled to the brim with cucumbers and curiosity. No but seriously, there were cucumbers everywhere. In floral displays, on bookshelves and as replacement keys on a piano…which was played beautifully throughout the night! Why? Well traditional Hendrick’s is infused with cucumber and rose. The Hendrick’s extraordinaires told me they have a little saying; cucumbers up and roses to the wind. Indeed.

Speaking of the wind, sadly on a decidedly blustery autumnal evening, we couldn’t go up in the Hendrick’s hot air balloon, but we did get to play around with the pilot in the basket. Honestly, as much as I would love to have seen Toronto from cloud height, the gin was the real wind in my sails. Although, guests who attended the activation on Saturday were able to fly.


The big event of the evening was the Orbium sampling, which came with a blindfolded taste taste. Here I am, yielding my little cup of gin. Maybe I’ll drink all my gin blindfolded from now on; it was pretty great just to focus on flavour and experience.


Joel Levy - Hendrick's Gin Orbium Launch at Toronto Nuit Blanche 2018 | View the VIBE Toronto
VIP Guests blindfolded for the Hendrick’s Gin Orbium tasting experience. (Photo: Joel Levy)


“Experience” is exactly the word I would use for the evening, too! Not only were we lucky guests plied with my favourite gin, there was also a special Theremin performance, a mystic and divination specialist AND a magician who in my opinion was legit actually magic. Okay, that may have been the gin, but whatever, I loved it.

Hendrick’s had a whole bunch of actors in residence too, making the whole event feel as if I had popped back in time to late 1800s Britain. Tally hoe!

Hendricks have always been botany at its most delectable, and Orbium is a welcome addition to the gin family. If you fancy a special tipple leading up to this holiday season, there are limited stocks available at the LCBO.