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Looking to work on yourself this year? Yes, having a nice bod is great but there are also a ton of other ways to improve yourself without working out.

We’ve heard it so many times before and we’ll hear it again, working out is good for your health. While that’s undoubtedly true, some of us just weren’t born “physical beings” and alternatively if your mind is not in the right place, working out can become an empty practice.

In an article published by Psychology Today, they reported on a study that pegged self-acceptance as the habit with the strongest correlation to happiness in life. Although, it also said that self-acceptance was the least practiced habit by people grappling for happiness.

With this in mind, if we take a glance inward at our lives, most of us can agree that self-improvement is a neglected goal, weighted with procrastination. The good news is you can start improving yourself at any point time, including right now.

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Take a look at the best ways to improve yourself that don’t include working out below:

Eat Better
This one’s quite obvious, but we’ll stress again that “you are what eat.” If working out isn’t your forte, eating a balanced diet can still give you physical results, while providing you with positive mental results too. More and more research is directly linking a nutrient-dense, balanced diet to assisting in good mental health. Try getting started with these easy-to-make snacks.

Start Meditating
A happier and more improved you starts with a less stressed you so it’s essential that we put away time for ourselves. WebMD points out that, “stress is a contributor to all the major modern killers,” and continues to quote a study that found meditating activated a portion of the brain connected to optimism. To get started, try searching 10 minute guided meditations on YouTube.

Keep a Journal
It may sound corny, but keeping a journal can be very beneficial and aid in self-improvement. Erase the “dear diary” or “dear journal” stigma… It can simply be recording important thoughts or a collection of certain things you’re thankful for on a particular day – whatever feels natural. The idea is to practice self-awareness and becoming more attuned to how your days are affecting you.

Try a New Course
A multi-faceted way to improve yourself is by trying a new course. Not only are you developing a new skill, but you’re also contributing to your self-improvement. Learning increases self-confidence and affirms our belief in our abilities.

Start Goal Setting
Personal goal setting is a task that is often neglected and viewed as lame practice. But if we stop for a second to think of a well functioning business and wonder how they got there, the answer would be goal setting. Applying the same logic to our personal lives can help motivate us, give us direction and allow us to see our own progression and growth. For some tips on goal setting, head here.

Have Supportive Friends
The people you surround yourself with weigh in on your mood and self-development way more than you’d think and self-improvement can be limited by our friends. Check out this article on four toxic friends you may need to cut from your life. It may seem harsh, but hey, are they really your friends if they’re dissuading you from your happiness and goals?

Recognize Simple Pleasures
This may seem easy, but it’s not! One of the most effective ways to improve yourself is to simply recognize what makes you happy and not take things for granted. Want to start recognizing the simple pleasures in life? Number one New York Times Bestselling book, The Happiness Project is a good place to start.

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Which ways to improve yourself without working out do you plan on trying? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet us at @ViewtheVibe.