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Picture a music festival, now picture a slightly different more delicious rendition where along with bands, food is also the main show. The title “The Big Feastival” suddenly paints a much more vivid picture – if food and music ever made a baby, this would be it.

Soon to be everybody’s favourite festival, The Big Feastival was conceived by celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver and Blur bassist Alex James back in 2011 in the UK. Speed up to present day and they’ve finally decided to bring it across the pond to Canada this summer from August 18 to 20.

You should probably get excited. “Why?” You might ask. It’s a simple question but not a stupid question. Toronto is the epicentre of food: from restaurants to events, we already have a shit ton of options. How is The Big Feastival different than all the rest?

For one, everything Jamie Oliver touches turns to gold, be it a book, app, pot, pan, sauce, festival, and we can imagine so to will our stomachs. The word feast also isn’t an exaggeration. The food fest will be taking over the same location as WayHome in Oro-Medonte, essentially making it the mother of all food fests. Not to mention the whole food and music combo will bring about a totally unique and immersive experience.

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If we had to sum it up we’d say the vibe is a family-friendly version of Woodstock. Instead of shrooms and acid, the drug of choice is beef sliders and churros, and instead of naked hippies the atmosphere is PG. While vendor and ticket information has not yet been released, a camping ticket at the UK Festival is the Canadian equivalent of about $225 with kids under 12 for free.

For now, take a peek at the UK version here and keep your eyes peeled for more information to come on The Big Feastival in Canada.

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