We’re getting nerdy with our #WTFWednesdays post with this Deconstructed Taro Root Bubble Tea, courtesy of Olives for Dinner. Folks, this obviously ain’t your average bubble tea. Rather than taking the form of a traditional liquid drink, Erin from Olives for Dinner, has taken molecular gastronomy to the next level by using reverse spherification to create these membrane-filled bites. These bubbles have a tasty membrane filled with a smooth and creamy taro tea and topped with traditional tapioca pearls.

Now, we won’t get into Reverse Spherification 101 with you; instead take a look at the video below for a quick gist of the concept. It will indeed blow your mind…

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These Deconstructed Taro Root Bubble Tea babies, along with the tapioca pearls, are handmade from scratch and will most definitely impress crowds and will look fantastic on that culinary resume of yours. Though it may take a few tries to perfect these one-bite bubbles, once you do try swapping the tea for anything and everything and make reverse spherification your go-to party trick.

Check out the recipe for Deconstructed Taro Root Bubble Tea here.

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