It’s definitely time to get off the computer and go outside. The biggest names on YouTube are coming to Toronto on May 2 for the North American debut of YouTube Fanfest.

The free event will be hosted in Yonge-Dundas Square and will include the following performers; Bethany Mota, IISuperwomanIILaurDIY, David Choi, Michael Stevens of Vsauce, Veritasium , Kina GrannisKurt Hugo Schneider, Macy Kate, JusReign, Daniela Andrade, Mike Tompkins, Madilyn Bailey, Harley Morenstein and Epic Meal Time and LaToya Forever

Epic Meal Time and Jessi Cruikshank will host the event featuring performers with a totalled 59.9 million subscribers and 6.8 billion views.


Canadian YouTuber Kristen Jacobson, known by her subscribers as Kristen Sarah, agreed that YouTube’s incredible growth has offered artists another avenue for creation and recognition.

“I think it’s a great city.  We have a lot of really incredible Toronto YouTubers like Superwoman and LaurDIY. I think it’s a really cool event and it’s going to keep growing. It’s really showcasing the creations and artwork of YouTubers,” said Jacobson.

Jacobson’s channel, Kristen Sarah, is travel-based and includes video blogs, travel tips and footage of her international adventures. She has approximately 35,000 followers, a significant jump in numbers from the just over 6,000 she had last last year. She’s also the owner of the travel website, which she hopes will show her viewers how to lead an “internationally-inspired lifestyle.”

Letitia, known to her audience as YouTube personality lookunderhere, has over 67,000 subscribers and uses her channel as a way to “unglamourize fashion.” Though it may look like all fun and games, she describes some of the challenges involved with pursuing a career as a YouTube personality.

“It’s tough to stay consistent. I’ve finally committed to a promise of weekly videos, but before that I uploaded so sporadically.”

Though she loves her work, Jacobson also understands the pressures that come with making a viewer-driven living.

“Sometimes you get comments, and you can get 99 amazing comments but then you get one comment that’s not so nice and you dwell on that. So you have to tell yourself that not everyone is going to like your work or going to like you. It’s just not possible,” said the travel blogger.

Jacoobson will definitely be heading to YouTube Fanfest this weekend, and is proud to be part of such a quickly-growing community. Letitia and Jacobson agree that YouTube is just the beginning and can’t wait to see what’s next for digital media outlets.

“There’s definitely going to be a great growth in live streaming as well as bigger productions. Long gone are the days of sitting in front of a computer webcam.,” said Letitia

The show begins at 8pm and promises to be one that YouTube fans will never forget.

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