Justin plays sweet tunes at Fifth Pubhouse (Image: Fifth Pubhouse)
Justin plays sweet tunes at Fifth Pubhouse (Image: Fifth Pubhouse)

Were you in the Entertainment District this weekend? Don’t freak out, but you probably missed hometown hero Justin Bieber wooing unsuspecting crowds on the piano in a Toronto pub. 

Justin Bieber left his entourage behind this past weekend when he showed up solo to the Fifth Pubhouse downtown Toronto. According to CTV news, the 22-year-old singer dropped by to grab a quick beer and watch the Raptors game. Witnesses say he later sauntered over to the pub’s piano and started playing some tunes, including his own hit, Sorry, Apologize by OneRepublic, and Let it Be by the Beatles.  

Apparently, Bieber was as sweet as the tunes he played, taking the time to chat with fellow bar patrons. The pub’s owner, Oliver Geddes, told CTV that the singer was “gracious to staff and customers during the visit.”

The Friday night outing certainly reinforced the sensitive boy image Biebs has been trying to push as of late. The same image that has Bieber asking his fans to quiet down (albeit calling their screams obnoxious) so that he can really talk to them, and dropping the mic to prove screaming is useless when he’s trying to look you in the eyes and really have a moment and connection. We’re not sure if he’s being emotional or bratty but either way, it’s a pretty far cry from his bucket peeing, Ferrari racing days.

Perhaps he’s turned a new leaf or maybe it’s one giant PR move. Either way, Justin Bieber’s surprise concert is one of the few times we regret not being in the Entertainment District on a Friday Night.

Watch the full mini-concert below.

And here’s a brightened clip of the video for optimal enjoyment.


And some photos of him mingling with pub-goers.

Image: Instagram/@prisaruh
Image: Instagram/@prisaruh


Image: Fifth Pubhouse

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