group of cute puppies lined up beside each other

We love dogs. You love dogs. And even if you think you don’t love dogs, you still sort of love dogs. But sadly not all dogs get the love that they deserve. This is where Save Our Scruff  and the annual Social Scruff 2018 fundraiser comes in.

Save Our Scruff

Save Our Scruff Logo

Save Our Scruff is a non-profit organization in Toronto dedicated to rescuing dogs and finding them a safe and suitable permanent home through adoption, advocacy and education. By working with committed volunteers, foster homes, veterinarians, and trainers, they are able to rescue dogs and provide them with loving temporary care while finding them well-matched, carefully screened forever homes.  Their matching criteria is quite simple.  It doesn’t matter if a dog needs medical care or rehabilitation.  It doesn’t matter their size, breed or age.  If the dog is in need they will provide them with the care they need and then find them a home.  Similarly, they do not select adopters based on how many hours they work or whether they live on a multi-acre property or a condo.  Save Our Scruff believes that just like amazing dogs, loving families come in all shapes and sizes.  Their goal is to find an adopter whose home, family and lifestyle are a perfect fit for a particular dog.

Scruff Social 2018

Scruff Social Poster

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Scruff Social 2018 is back for its second year taking place on April 21 at District 28 in Leslieville. It is a night all about raising awareness for their cause and funds to support their programming.  Last year’s event raised over $37,000 and this year’s goal is to double their efforts.

Expect a night of cocktails, live entertainment, SOS (Save Our Scruff) interactive stations and of course, a chance to interact with SOS dogs!

If the sentiment of what Save Our Scruff wasn’t enough to convince you to participate in Scruff Social 2018, then here are some cute dogs that are currently up for adoption (and that might be at Scruff Social).



Social Scruff 2018

GENDER: Female

BREED: Terrier Mix

AGE: 5 Years

Originally hailing from Egypt, Bella moved all the way to Toronto and is currently being fostered by the founder of Save Our Scruff. She’s strong-willed and stubborn, but don’t worry, she knows all her basic commands and is obedient. If you’re into the outdoors then Bella would be happy to go with you. Be it relaxing in the backyard or going around the neighbourhood, she loves spending time in the great outdoors. Bella is a lover. Expect lots of affection being given away in kisses and tail wagging.

For more information about Bella, visit her page HERE.


Social Scruff 2018


BREED: Chihuahua Mix

AGE: 4 Years

Need a little luck in your life? How about finding it in this guy! Lucky may be a little bossy but he has a heart of gold when he finds people he trusts. He’s still a little defensive but with the right people he can shape up to be the perfect little dog.  If you’re ready to break down Lucky’s walls and give him the patience and love he needs, he’ll grow to be a great dog.

For more information about Lucky visit his page HERE.


Social Scruff 2018

GENDER: Female

BREED: Lab Mix

AGE: 1 Year

We have another exotic cutie. Rosita has come to Toronto all the way from Costa Rica. Once she gets comfortable with you and her surroundings, Rosita is a cute little pup that you would never have believed was once shy. She loves attention and belly rubs but she enjoys her moments alone as well. As she is still young, you might want to ‘puppy proof’ your place for her arrival but otherwise, she is housetrained, good on a leash, and good with basic commands. She’s still learning and getting used to the world and is looking for the confidence to help conquer her doggy world.

For more information about Rosita, you can visit her page HERE.

We hoped these three pups were more than enough of a reason to consider attending Scruff Social 2018.  Early bird tickets are sold out but there are still regular tickets available for purchase HERE.