Zebu Steak Bar

If you’re live near Richmond and John, you may have noticed that the Milestone’s has disappeared from the corner.  Last fall, the restaurant closed its doors after 18 years in business and we got a sneak peek of what is coming in its place.

The Concept

Introducing Zebu Steak + Bar.  Owner Michael Colangelo describes it a “unique fusion of North & South American Steakhouses featuring authentic Brazilian cuisine”.   The 9,576 sq. ft. space will feature something for everyone. An expansive patio running along John Street, capacity for 325 guests, a “Supper Club” bar/lounge area, a Chef Table dining experience, private and semi-private spaces and the city’s first true Wine Bar.

For those who are wondering, Zebu is actually the name of an indicine or humped cattle that originates in the Indian subcontinent which the restaurant uses in their logo.

The Space

During our tour of the space, which is still under construction, Michael took us through his vision.  He and executive chef Lilian Cardoso have done extensive research in Brazil and infused the South American feel in the overall design.  No tour is complete without food.  As we walked around, we sampled their Vegan Burger (soy protein, & eggplant, caramelized onion & guacamole) and the Zebu Burger (dry aged AAA ground beef, smoked cheddar & bacon).  The vegan burger surprisingly was the crown favourite.  We were all surprised to hear that although Zebu will be a traditional steakhouse, they will have a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

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Zebu Steak Bar

The Food

Once the tour was complete, we sat down for a menu tasting where Lilian had us sample what will undoubtedly be the crowd favourites.

Vegan Ceviche & Root Vegetable Chips – cashew, dragon fruit, pineapple, serrano & cilantro

Black Cod & Seafood Moqueca – coconut milk, dende oil, farofa de dende

Rodizio Board – picanha, AAA striploin, zebu sausage, polenta, caramelized pearl onions, chimichurri

Pudim De Leite – condensed milk custard & coconut

Zebu Steak Bar


food from zebu

Zebu Steak + Bar is slated to open to the public early Summer 2018.  Can’t wait until then? Lucky for you, they’ve set up a food truck outside their soon-to-be hot spot where you can sample some of their more notable menu items.

Zebu Steak Bar