Best mac 'n' cheese
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From the Junction to Bay St., new noodle kid cavatappi to traditional elbow macaroni, and from cheddar to asiago, Vv Magazine takes a look at some of our favourite mac n’ cheese samplings from across the city.

Habits Gastropub
We have a serious addiction to mushrooms and in particular: truffles. This trend seems to have had some serious longevity and we’re absolutely delighted to see woodland mushrooms and truffle paired up with double-smoked bacon and asiago and parmesan cheeses at our favourite gastropub!


The Gabardine
This mac n’ cheese gets devoured daily by suits in the Financial District. Right on Bay Street, this busy lunch spot has bowls with traditional and unique ingredients. Settle in with a cocktail and customize this delectable dish with a baked crust for $17 or go for smoked ham ($19).

e11even’s mac ‘n’ cheese is so good, it doesn’t need the limelight treatment of being a full-on menu item for dinner. Rather, it comes as two decadent side options—lobster mac n’ cheese, or the truffle mac ‘n’ cheese. For the true mac ‘n’ cheese fanatic, stop by at lunchtime when this rich lobster dish gets top billing for $22 (paired with a burst of fresh greens courtesy of their signature house salad), and the truffled version is on offer as a side. Go on, treat yourself. Followed closely by a cheese-induced coma.

Best mac 'n' cheese
Image: Facebook/E11even

Uncle Betty’s
Their Ultimate Grilled Cheese should be served with a side of health insurance – my heart nearly stopped just reading the description. Served up on your choice of white or brown bread, this selection isn’t exactly a traditional mac n’ cheese. A slab of mac n’ cheese tops melted white and classic cheddar cheeses and is topped with homemade roasted garlic aioli, and then your choice of either pulled pork or classic all-beef meatloaf. For arteries with nothing to lose you can add bacon, and for a false sense of security “health-conscious” diners can add grilled veggies. This would definitely be an option for which we’d run a marathon – since it sounds like that’s what we’d need to do to work off this bad boy! Oh, and if you’re a sucker for the classics, they also serve up more traditional mac n’ cheese as a main.

The Big Cheese tends to take some big risks with his grilled cheese, nachos, quesadillas and mac n’ cheese recipes – the Beijing Mac n’ Cheese being our personal favourite. Cheesewerks uses cavatappi pasta rather than macaroni, and mixes in ample servings of asiago, BBQ pork, hoisin sauce, and slivered green onion. Talk about an ooey-gooey treat! We indulge in this particular blend regularly for their Food Fight Trivia Nights.


Cut The Cheese
Put aside the tongue-in-cheek name, and cozy up to the dip in temperature with one of this Junction restaurant’s six mac n’ cheese offerings (plus their secret menu options). Channel warmer climes with the Southern Comfort ($11.25) which piles deep fried buttermilk popcorn chicken atop roasted bell peppers, sautéed corn, banana peppers and emmental cheese.

Mugshot Tavern
For our High Park readers, you’ll love this mac n’ cheese. Mugshot Tavern’s version of the classic dish is smothered in a five-cheese cream sauce, has brie, double smoked bacon, caramelized onions, bacon, and is accompanied by a house salad. At $15.00, this mac n’ cheese is an indulgence for which no guilty verdict will be rendered… unless we’re talking about your waistline. Bonus: Take a picture using their mugshot backdrop and upload it on their website to be featured in their “Customer Mugs” Gallery.


Carens Wine and Cheese
We have to give a big shoutout to Carens Wine and Cheese for their Spicy Baked Mac & Cheese. One of our favourite dishes in the city (especially after a drink or four), this mind-blowingly good bowl of indulgence is made with fresh penne (gluten-free available) in a spicy Sao Miguel, cheddar, swiss and parmigiano–reggiano sauce—aka the ultimate cheese trifecta. Oh, and did we forget to mention that you can get your mac & cheese topped with either prosciutto, chorizo, or lobster? Mouth = watering. Kudos, Carens Wine and Cheese.

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